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More about the macaroons blanket…

I meant to write more about this month’s blanket at the weekend but I got sidetracked by non-crochet related things…

So back to Paris, macaroons and obviously crochet!

I thought selecting the colors for my new blanket was going to be an easy task this time, as I have so many lovely pictures of macaroons to use as inspiration, but the reality is that having too much inspiration complicates things!

I  must have pulled out most of the yarn I have, to try an choose a reasonable but not too big selection of colors that give some justice to those amazing images that I have collected.  I ended up making several piles of different hues and tried different combinations and reluctantly restrict myself to just 15 colors, as I am well aware that if you want to crochet this blanket for yourself, I have to put some boundaries for the number of colors I am using.

I have a few pictures of macaroons that I am going to share with you. Those are the ones  I have used to guide me. The problem was, do I select macaroons that have pretty pastel colors or do I select the colors of the macaroons I  like to eat?

Macaroons come in pastels and more saturated hues it all depends on which baker makes them. The best-known purveyor of Macaroons, and the one you most likely are acquainted with is probably Laduree and their beautiful , iconic shops with pale greens, pinks, and lilacs which are in several cities around the world. In the photo my daughter Valentina is at their main door of their flagship store in Paris. 

But I m going to be a bit controversial here, and my choice for the best macaroon in Paris has to be the Cafe’ Pouchkine, named after the famous Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin. The Cafe’is a concoction of Russian and French,  with dark boxes, incredibly colorful patisserie and delicious macaroons . Nothing is subtle in here. All their confectionery are as flamboyant as the decor.

Gosh, I am again going on a tangent…No more mouthwatering pictures but some yarn instead!

These are the 15 hues I selected this time its just Stylecraft special DK, but, as per usual, wait to get them if you are interested, as I might have some adjustments once I start to crochet the squares.

To the next time,

happy crocheting,

Lucia xxx

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