About Me


Lucia Dunn

My name is Lucia, I am originally from a small village in northern Italy but I have been living in Scotland for the last nearly 30 years. I am a mother of four lovely kids, well not really kids anymore..my oldest is 27 and my youngest 16. I did architecture at University in Venice so my love for fabrics, interiors, colours and yarn has been not only been part of my job but also my hobby too. I started to crochet when I was young during my summers in Tuscany with my two grandmothers, their cousin Mariuccia and several other ladies which regularly came for few hours every day, under the shadow a massive fig tree. It was an oasis for chatting, learning crochet, knitting plus cooking naturally! Time has moved on, and I live in another country, so I decided to take advantage of the Internet and create a virtual fig tree where we can all gather together and make things!