Tobermory Blanket Pattern


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Tobermory Blanket- Digital Download

As you probably already know I am Italian but I have been living in Scotland for nearly 30 years…
I am so lucky because this country has welcomed me with open arms and I have always felt as if I truly belong in Scotland and now it is my home.
When I arrived, all those years ago, I thought I could speak English , but on my first cab ride upon arriving, when ‘I coudnae understand a wee word from ma Glesga cabby’s mooth’…I realised I had to do some serious home work!
In these years I have grown used to be called anything like“love, pet, petal, lass and even hen!
But, despite that, I am consistently amazed from this great country that cannot be beaten for beauty, history and it’s wonderful people.
The inspiration for this blanket is a small fishing port, two hours north-west of Glasgow on the island of Mull called Tobermory,famous for the brightly painted buildings along the main street on the pier-side, so fascinating completely unexpected!
So, here you have a blanket full of colours, which I hope you will have as much fun making it as I did creating it.
Happy crocheting,
Lucia xx


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