Voilà ! the macaroons blanket.

31stof March! just in time….

You probably have already seen some previews on my  Instagram. I finished the macaroon blanket last week, but I have been so busy trying to finalise the last details of the ” secret project” plus I had a few deadlines at work . However, I am now finally sitting down, writing the recipe for the macaroons blanket, so you can all make one for yourselves!

Firstly let me tell you,  it will take a degree of patience! The squares are very easy to make but there are 280 of them!  Saying that… I actually really enjoyed the journey and seeing all of these little bundles of colours growing in my basket… a bit of frustation  at times with the ends to be sewn in BUT it will be worth it in the end as the blanket came out really beautiful !! Like baking, it is with no doubt, a labour of love.

If I can make a suggestion, as often happens to me with any granny square blanket, I find it much easier to make it if the project is running along side  with something else, and most important, sew in your ends as you go! or it will be a nightmare!

THE SQUARE: it is my design. I made a small photo gallery so it is even easier for you to make your own:

FOUNDATION : magic circle



3 ch( makes the first treble),2 trebles,  *3 ch, 3 trebles* repeat ** 2 more times., ss on the 3chs ( which act as  your first treble)  and fasten off.

(12 trebles and 4 ch3 spaces)


start with a new colour in one of the 3 chs spaces and work  a cluster of 3 trebles together,3chs and another cluster; 3ch and in the next 3 chspace of round 1 repeat * cluster,3chs cluster 3 chs*  ss and fasten off. [ 8 clusters, 8  3chs spaces]

please note as from the photos your squares will curl! do not worry as the final round will straighten down the square.



Start a new colour in any  3 chs space  between 2 clusters and work the angle as follow:* 3 chs ( act as 1st treble) 2 trebles, 3chs,  3trebles.

In the next 3 chs space work 2 trebles, 1 puff stitch in the centre of the 3 trebles of  ROUND 1 , 2 more  trebles*; and repeat **


so that is the little mini granny square. it looks lovely both sides


Next the yarn used and colours:


  • GOLD
  • one ball for each of the shades  EXCEPT for the PISTACHIO where you will need three balls in total.

the squares are 280, they measure 7,5 cm and are  organised in 14 columns of 20 squares each.the border is 15 cm deep.

The joining method is a simple row of dcs . I changed colours every time , that has made a lovely “multicolours grid” effect, which makes the blanket interesting both sides!.  the all blanket is 120×180 in total and the border is 15 cm deep.




the border is an adaptation of border number 72 from the new Edie Eckman’s book : ‘every which way crochet border.’ I said an adaptation because I repeated round 1 and 2 several times to make the border more substantial, and as consequence, I had to change the corners too, as I like my borders to be perfectly flat.



I know it is a nuisance but I can’t post even a partial picture of Edie’s border as that would infringe the copyrights . all I am saying just look at the closeups,  or use another border that is a multiple of 10 stitches.

I hope you will enjoy making the macaroon blanket and thank you for all the lovely likes and messages I received!

Bring on APRIL!!!!!!!

love as always,

Lucia x

Never mind the macaroons…mini grannies are like Marmite!

An unusual title, I know…but if you are acquainted with Marmite you will know exactly where I’m coming from! For those of you that haven’t the faintest idea what Marmite is, I will explain..

Marmite is a thick, sticky paste made from concentrated yeast extract, a byproduct from brewing beer. German scientist Justus Liebig invented accidentally the concoction in 1902.

Marmite has a very distinctive flavour. The taste is so unique as to defy description, but think of a yeasty, salty, soy sauce-esque flavour with the consistency of old engine oil. Some people really like eating it, and some people don’t like eating it at all.

I personally quite like it, but it is definitely an acquired taste!

So what does marmite have to do with crochet or mini granny squares????

Because Marmite actually based a marketing slogan off this divisiveness: “Love it or hate it.” It has infiltrated British culture and language to the point where an object or a person can be described as ‘marmite’



Lately I think I am more inclined to the latter…but I am glad I persevered! I still have 35 mini grannies to sew the ends in and I am done!

All 240 of them. What a marathon. 

I did some other things in between because I discovered that I found the little pesky things really boring to make. I am sure after they are all joined together and I started the border It will become much more exciting.

I will let you know what I have been up to! It is under wrap I believe until the middle of April!!

I leave you with all my little granny squares…

Now I need to join them! ..and find a border too.

Happy Sunday

Lucia xx


More about the macaroons blanket…

I meant to write more about this month’s blanket at the weekend but I got sidetracked by non-crochet related things…

So back to Paris, macaroons and obviously crochet!

I thought selecting the colors for my new blanket was going to be an easy task this time, as I have so many lovely pictures of macaroons to use as inspiration, but the reality is that having too much inspiration complicates things!

I  must have pulled out most of the yarn I have, to try an choose a reasonable but not too big selection of colors that give some justice to those amazing images that I have collected.  I ended up making several piles of different hues and tried different combinations and reluctantly restrict myself to just 15 colors, as I am well aware that if you want to crochet this blanket for yourself, I have to put some boundaries for the number of colors I am using.

I have a few pictures of macaroons that I am going to share with you. Those are the ones  I have used to guide me. The problem was, do I select macaroons that have pretty pastel colors or do I select the colors of the macaroons I  like to eat?

Macaroons come in pastels and more saturated hues it all depends on which baker makes them. The best-known purveyor of Macaroons, and the one you most likely are acquainted with is probably Laduree and their beautiful , iconic shops with pale greens, pinks, and lilacs which are in several cities around the world. In the photo my daughter Valentina is at their main door of their flagship store in Paris. 

But I m going to be a bit controversial here, and my choice for the best macaroon in Paris has to be the Cafe’ Pouchkine, named after the famous Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin. The Cafe’is a concoction of Russian and French,  with dark boxes, incredibly colorful patisserie and delicious macaroons . Nothing is subtle in here. All their confectionery are as flamboyant as the decor.

Gosh, I am again going on a tangent…No more mouthwatering pictures but some yarn instead!

These are the 15 hues I selected this time its just Stylecraft special DK, but, as per usual, wait to get them if you are interested, as I might have some adjustments once I start to crochet the squares.

To the next time,

happy crocheting,

Lucia xxx


So where to start with my March’s blanket…

I thought my March’s blanket is going to be about celebrations..and macaroons…

On the beginning of the week, I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary! I have been married and also I have been living in Scotland for 25 years!

Now I bet you are wondering what macaroons got to do with it? Well, there is a little story behind it all.

I met my husband Michael in Paris in 1988; we got married four years later in 1992 on the 29th of February! A funny date I know, but it is not too bad as, in nonleap years, we celebrate our anniversary either on the 1st of March or the 28th of February.

Paris has a special place in my heart; it is a city I always felt very comfortable in,  it has been my home and my work place, and now is a regular destination for long weekends, holidays and shopping expeditions.

I met Michael in a French speaking course at the Sorbonne University, (that is my daughter Valentina in front of the main door ..)   where I attended while living in Paris in the summer of 1988.

More ‘memory lane’..

.the next picture is us then.I can’t believe that it was nearly 30 years ago!  Below our lovely class. We were a group of  18 different nationalities, a wide age range and many reasons why we were all in Paris improving our French.  Our teacher was called Elisabeth, and she was so lovely and friendly. She is the one sitting, I am just behind her with the black jacket and the cream trousers, and Michael is far left with the blue and white shell suit..( magical 80s! loads of shell suits!!!).

All those years later and that is ‘our group’ now!

I havent forgotten the macaroons.. It is just I  was wondering what reminds me best of Paris, there are loads of things that remind me of Paris, but one especially does… those little pastries called macaroons. I love them! So they are going to be my inspiration…

in the next entry, I tell you how and why for now have a lovely day xxx

lucia xxx