Hello and Welcome


Long last here I am!
The blog is finally live… It is exciting and also REALLY scary too!
My primary concern is the English and my grammar so. Please be patient with me as it is not my first language as you probably know if you are already following me on Facebook.
So let’s crack on with this.
A quick intro about myself so to set the scene and give you a bit of background on Lucia’s fig tree:


My name is Lucia, I am originally from a small village in northern Italy, but I have been living in Scotland for the last 25 years, I am a mother of four lovely kids, well not really kids anymore..my oldest is 23 and my youngest 12.

I did architecture at University in Venice and my love for fabrics, interiors and colours and yarn as been not only part of my job but also my hobby too.
I started to crochet when I was young during my summer holiday in Tuscany with my two grandmothers, their cousin Mariuccia and several other ladies which regularly came for few hours every day, under the shadow a massive fig tree.
It was an oasis for chatting, learning crochet, knitting plus cooking naturally!
Time has moved on, and I live in another country, so I decided to take advantage of the Internet and create a virtual fig tree where we can all gather together and make things!


  1. Hi Lucia, Love your stuff that you make and I aspire to do the same with all the lovely colours and designs. You are very talented and I look forward to your new blog and useful tips/patterns. Good luck, Susan

  2. Hi Lucia, I have recently completed the eastern jewels blanket and it is without a doubt the most beautiful thing that I have ever made. I am SO proud of it. Thanks to you and your wonderful colour choices. Good luck with the blog.

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