As I bet you are all busy getting organised for the festive season I thought I share with you some ‘colour’s love’. This weekend Pantone, the  market leader in colour communication and colour technology,has released their new colour of the year 2017 and it is FABULOUS !!

It is called GREENERY .

It might seems a bit silly getting excited about a  release of a new colour ,but colours trends are quite important for my job , so I keep always a close eye on them because they can have a substantial impact on  the industry.

The other reason it is because I LOVE anything about colours anyway!

So ,if you are not familiar with,what  is the PANTONE Colour of the Year?

It is a symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

So even the colours industry seems to send a message of hope ,regeneration , environment issues ,etc  and all the above is very relevant  with the choice as Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

So what do you think? You like it?

I do. I think greenery is much better then last year choice of a dusty blue n a pale fleshy pink, and has a much better vibe too.

Back to crochet….

I know that some people find green difficult to use in crochet but ,trust me,  green can be really effective and just lovely!

One of the projects I did last February was a multi-green wrap. I have been wearing it quite a lot because greens are one of those colours that goes with everything and it does compliment not only most wardrobes but also skin tones and complexions .

The idea came from an amazing blanket I saw  quite a while ago on a blog called ‘according to Matt’ the blog has now been revamped , renamed and it  looks fantastic is called : ‘Boys&bunting’

Please Have a look because there are a lot of really nice projects, tutorials,reviews and amazing photography too.

This is the link to the blanket:

From there I got redirected to Lucy ‘s at Attic24, as she used the pattern for the Japanese flower on a lovely wrap in 2011! ( good patterns never get old)


So , well, I had to make one too!!

Mine is all green, made with a lot of left overs , great for your stash and really easy to do too. The pattern I used is the same that Lucy used on the original entry and it is from   a Japanese book , that I believe it might be still available on Amazon

But  don’t worry  if you can’t get your hands on the book  , it is not that crucial as there are so many very similar versions  of the pattern on pin-interest so just put Japanese crochet flower on your search engine and see which one you like best .

That is all for today,

2017 is going to be the GREEN YEAR  so TRY  SOME GREENS!

Lucia x

P.S. The sample is made with Stylecraft special dk in : bottle,meadow,cypress and pistachio.


    1. thank you Mary!
      i know, we all need some green in our life don’t we? . Here it is 6:30 pm and pitch black. thank you again for reading my entries and leaving a comment, it is much appreciated and helps this ‘newby’ here to navigate the world of blogging!! lucia xx

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