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Today I a going to introduce you to my most complex pattern to date…the RISE AND SHINE BLANKET!


The Rise and Shine was designed in 2018 and featured as a CAL (Crochet-along) over 13 issues of a magazine called Crochet Now.

I got the copyrights to the blanket back a few months ago but I didn’t have the time to put the file back together and publish it myself until now.

So here she is on all her glory!

The rise and shine was what you could call a “labour of love.” It took me ages to come up with the concept and even more time in making endless swatches and samples of each square.


What is the main idea behind it?

I wanted to introduce new techniques and demonstrate how versatile crochet can be, how it opens windows of infinite creativity. Each square teaches you something, it might be a technique, a texture or a lesson in colour. By the end what I hope you will achieve is confidence with different techniques, an idea of how colours work and the importance of texture.


The blanket also tells a story, a story about things I like , places where I have been ,and images or colours that intrigue me.

I am not going to go through every single square but I am going to give you some examples, simply because if I show you what thought process behind it you can make your “own” blanket too with your memories, your stories and your experiences!


So lets have a look at this blanket…

There are 24 squares, the pattern is arranged in a scale from easy to complex..again because it is a journey… Each  focuses on either a technique, texture or colour. The squares are all the same size and you can place them as you like! You do not need to follow my scheme either. If there is a square you do not like or you find really challenging please do not be discouraged or frustrated! The aim of the project ultimately is to be FUN!! So lets not forget that…

I designed a grid with the placement of every square.


And , as said, in the pattern the squares are organized from easy to complex.


Because I mentioned stories and thoughts behind the squares I am going to show you what I mean with a couple of examples

Let’s have a closer look to a simple square like the PUFF SQUARE ( which is square 17 in the grid)


This square is all about texture and a warm muted shade: Shrimp.


I love this colour very much because it reminds me of Venice where I studied architecture for 7 years, it reminds me of the palaces and the light of the city and I feel there is a lot of energy in this beautiful muted Mediterranean colour.



Shrimp goes beautifully with stronger hues like reds, greens, and mustards, it balances them and adds warmth and that is why I used it in the blanket.

In fact, when choosing colours and textures to put together in a design scheme, that not only looks but also feel good, you must be aware of the importance of how the colours interact with each other’s and how texture is another factor that can influence the tone and the colours.


Ok, we covered colour… let’s now cover interests, things that fascinate you also how to make a mood board…



I think I have been fascinated by Mermaids since I can remember hence why I HAD to add them too in some form to the blanket.

I love this mythological creature not only their colours, the myriads of ever-changing greens, turquoises, blues, but also what I find really fascinating about mermaids is that to me they represent the ultimate freedom.

They are death and birth when they shed their skin to come ashore, they are contradictory beautiful and deadly, a true personification of the unpredictability of the oceans. They are strong and free, they are smart and adaptable and they can swim anywhere and do whatever they want… and I bet, sometimes we all wish we could do the same!

Last but not least let me introduce you to “mood-boarding” with a couple of more examples

Mood-boarding is a fantastic tool not only to colour’s coordinate, but also to add something special to your project.  I called them visual chronicles.

The idea is to show ordinary objects of everyday life can inspire you in your projects and also my point is to use stuff that any of you can find in your house, nothing is bought in purpose it is all about finding inspiration on the ordinary, just a way to stimulate creativity.





It is very simple, all you have to do is to take a 60 cm square space, I used a large tile I found in the office, but even cardboard will do, and position little things that you found or bought, objects you have collected, colours that trigger happy memory even a juicy apple will do! the key is that the objects are connected to a happy memory, like a lovely walk in the countryside, or a trip with your loved ones.

The purpose of the board is to replicate the feeling and the memory of that day. There is not a right way or a wrong way, just play with the objects, when you have done take a picture and, if you like, start again changing places or adding bits and pieces until you are happy.


Here is my mood board that inspired my mandala square, it is a trip to Spain we did with the children a few years ago, so there is one of those little silly dolls that I bet you all have in the back of a drawer.. happy sunny colours, a hippy holidays’ crochet bag, some blue fabric that reminds me of the sea, a flower, and even a little tin of paprika.

So give it a go, it is really easy and will make your projects very special as you are crocheting memories.


I really hope you like my Blanket.. the pattern is available both on Raverly and here on my shop.

Rise and Shine Pattern- Digital Download

I also have arranged a pack being made for you from the Woolwarehouse.

Rise and Shine Woolwearhouse Yarn Pack



All the best to you all

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