Jane ,the Frida’s Primavera and myself…


  1. As usual, Lucia, I LOVE your colors! I am hoping to make the Frida….and I think I will choose the Primavera version! Both are gorgeous. Still have the Norlan and Macaroon on my list. I will happily be crocheting until the end of time!

  2. Last year i have made the first version of Frida. The Primavera version is really beautiful with these colors. I can’t wait to start.

      1. Hi

        Please help I want to make this beautiful blanket in Primavera but I cannot find the colour list for this one . I have the original pattern. Janes site no longer do the pack which is fine but I need the colour mix.

        If you could help that would be amazing
        love your blog

        Anita x

  3. I adore your new colour scheme. Frida’s Flowers was on my ‘to-do’ list but I think now I will get the kit for this colourway instead, or maybe do both 🙂 I love your colours so much it make me want to make this blanket even more.

  4. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! your re-working of this blanket has blown me away, love it. I am just doing Jane’s Sunshine and Shower blanket which I am enjoying; I am fairly new to crochet but I am completely hooked!!!! I think that I shall have to go have a look at this pattern. Thank you SO very much for sharing this, I love your blog and look forward to seeing all that you do, thanks again xxx

  5. Your sense of colour is indeed outstanding, Lucia. I admit I feel compelled to work on your version of the Frida blanket. Your colours give my eyes such a relieve, it’s hard to describe what your specific combination does to my soul. Yes, it’s going as far as that: affecting my soul.

    1. thank you, Ingeborg! I am so glad you like it, I made several attempts before getting to what you see, as I had to work the hexagons separately, so the colours combination it might look good standing alone, but sometimes it didn’t look right when added to the others hexagons, so there has been quite a bit of adjusting! I do love it, and I also feel the pictures are great but the ‘real thing’ is even better, it also feels lovely too to the touch, due to the fact that it is a combination of different yarns. so has not been easy but has been great fun!

  6. I am very fond of your colourway and I want to “copy” it. Could you tell me please what yarn and how many of the different colours you used? I want to make it with Special DK. I live in Germany and it is very expensive to order from the U.K. I have made the blanket in the original colours and also in Special DK, I love this yarn. So please would you help me?

  7. Beautiful! I would really love to make this blanket, but I haven’t been able to find a printable pattern that I can follow step by step. Could you please help me! I promise I will send you photo once I have finished it! Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards, Cornelia Ruytenburg

    1. Hi Cornelia,
      thank you for your lovely comment.
      The original version of the Frida ‘s blanket pattern is available on line on the stylecraft’S website as it was last year CAL.
      My colors’ version, the Frida Primavera, I made it for Jane Crow and it is available, for the time being, exclusively as a kit from her website. this is the link https://janiecrow.co.uk/presta/crochet-along/422-frida-s-flowers-primavera-yarn-pack.html.
      Hope it helps,
      lucia x

  8. A bit late for this, but just ordered the kit. I had started back up with crochet when Frida Flowers came out (2016), but it was way beyond my skill level at the time. Since then I’ve gotten much better, and even picked up my Eastern Jewels pack to work on during quarantine. I’m so glad I did!! I’m in love with the colors and design! So I just purchased the Primavera pack. I hope you’re able to do more collaborations with Janie. Oh and I ordered your Tobermory from Ravelry! I love the popcorn stitch and flowers Thank you for the inspiration. All your colors make me feel so happy

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