Hello Everyone,

I hope this entry will find you all well despite the current situation. We are living unprecedented times and those past few weeks have been, certainly for me, a bit of a challenge, as I said in my previous entry.

So to keep my mind off it I have done a fair amount of crochet!

I have a couple of projects in the pipeline, one lovely new blanket that I am very excited about it  called ‘Peachy Petals’ which, as I am writing, is getting tested and my newest finished project:

The Tobermory Blanket.

Tobermory Blanket Pattern

I wanted to make something bright, warm and not too challenging to enjoy crocheting while chatting and spending time with the family and an opportunity to test some 100 % wool yarn. I also made a couple of videos on my Youtube channel in tandem with the pattern to give you a visual aid on the process behind creating a pattern. If you haven’t seen them please do, they might be of interest to you and if you subscribe to my Channel it is an extra bonus for me!

Youtube Channel


Anyway, back to the Tobermory…This Blanket is another chapter of my life in Scotland.

I have been here for nearly 30 years! and I am so lucky because this country has welcomed me with open arms and I have always felt as if I truly belong in Scotland and now it is, with no doubt. my home.

When I arrived, all those years ago, I thought I could speak English, but on my first cab ride upon arriving, when ‘I coudnae understand a wee word from ma  Glesga cabby mooth’…I realised I had to do some serious homework!

In these years I have grown used to be called anything like; love, pet, petal, lass and even hen!

Despite this, I am consistently amazed by this great country that cannot be beaten for beauty, history and it’s wonderful people.

The inspiration for this blanket is a small fishing port, 2 hours north-west of  Glasgow on the island of Mull called Tobermory, famous for the brightly painted buildings along the main street on the pier-side. The village is etched in my mind, I remember visiting a few years ago and thought that the combination of the buildings’ vivid bright colours in the Scottish light was beautiful and completely unexpected!

So while I wish I could make the journey and take the Tobermory to the source of inspiration, I have to opt for some pictures in my garden instead and wait for better times!

The square is not complex at all and is suitable for enthusiastic beginners.

I love the 3D effects of the popcorns! They create a beautiful visual geometry that makes the blanket appealing to the eye.

It is a big girl!  210cm x 140cm perfect for two people to snuggle under on a sofa and big enough for the bottom of a double bed as a gorgeous warm big runner!

As I wanted something cuddly and warm, after a few considerations I opted for DROPS Yarns  KARISMA. It is a  100% wool, DK (double knitting ),4 strands sport yarn which give a great stitch definition and it is superwash treated, which means that it is machine washable and perfect for daily use.

Once washed it is soft and comfortable to the skin.

This particular range has been on the Scandinavian market since the 80s! It is well tested indeed!

That being said, I always like to do my own testing. Hence why I bought (and I stress on the ‘bought’ because that makes my review completely unbias) one ball of each of the 48 shades so to make my mind about the colours/quality and I made several samples that I have washed and blocked to make sure it was good enough to recommend to you.

I bought my yarn from the Wool Warehouse.

Wool Warehouse

Wool Warehouse

The price is very reasonable too which is an important factor especially because a blanket requires a substantial amount of yarn, and as many of you are not in the UK, it is Oeko-Tex® certified, made in the EU and widely available internationally.

I am also aware that some of you can not source yarn at the moment due to the situation, hence why, in the pattern,  I have added the quantity used for each round of the square so to give you an approximate idea on how much yarn is required.

The colours are easy to be replaced with something similar so you can use either your favourite brand or something you already you have at home.


So, here you have a blanket full of colours, which I hope you will have as much fun making it as I did in creating it!

Stay safe and Happy crocheting,

Lucia xx






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  1. Hello, I have just bought your lovely pattern Tobermory; I could not resist, because it reminded me of lovely times with my grandchildren, watching “What’s the story in Tobermory” on TV. I will not be using exactly the same colours, as I have lots in my stash, but still very bright!
    Best wishes, Radka Little

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