Under the Sea Bag – Digital Download


I’m excited to introduce the new Under the Sea Bag digital download – a perfect crochet project featuring 3D starfish, sea anemone, and coral with beautiful stripes on the main bag. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or a newbie, this pattern is quick and easy to make and is perfect to prove your skills while embracing the summer vibes

My UNDER THE SEA BAG is made by using 2 strands of Stylecraft Organic Cotton, held together.
As I am not a skilled seamstress I didn’t add a lining to my bag hence why it is vital that the main body of the bag is quite tightly worked as we don’t want our bag to be floppy.

The bag is decorated with 3D starfish, 3 sea anemones, a small coral branch and 4 mini pompons ( about 1cm in diameter)

Decorating the bag is the fun part. please feel free to add more
(for example some mini shells?) or less… mine is just a suggestion

You also will need a set of round Bamboo Bag Handles approx 16cm wide by 13cm tall.
these are easily available either on Amazon or any other craft suppliers likewise for the pompons.

3.0mm, 4.0mm crochet hooks
locking stitch markers
yarn needle

he summer vibes