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Odinella..the Icelandic Blanket.

Another blog entry…two in two days!  I love weekends because no work mean more time to write stories!  So some more about the June blanket:   Despite the heat, I finished the June blanket just a few days later then envisage.   I was so close to put the blanket in the WIP’s pile …as I didn’t consider the possibility that Scotland could get hot too, but I loved the yarn and the pattern I designed for the blanket so much that I persevered regardless of the  ...

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July’s blanket: A white rabbit, Venice,brocade and Arlecchino…..

July is already here!!! and to quote a very special white rabbit from one of my favorite books, ‘Alice in Wonderland’: “the hurrier a go the behinder I get”!!     Besides me  chasing my tail for the past few weeks trying to fit everything in , Alice in wonderland’s  little white rabbit is not just going to remind me that I seem to be always behind with things, his tabard with the playing cards, is also going to be one of the sources of inspiration for  ...

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Some overdue details for the Indigo blanket.

Hello everyone, This entry is well overdue, but as I said on facebook I have been really busy with family, work, a commissioned crochet project, that I can’t wait to share with you all,  magazine articles, June’s blanket…and the giveaway too!! Having said that, I have been putting together some close-up pictures of the Indigo blanket and a few notes about the patterns for the different squares,  the stitches used and some links online for them.   Firstly I would like  ...

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June’s blanket, bucket-list and Iceland…

Hi Everyone… it is June and time for another blanket…. this one is about my bucket-list. I have a few thing on that list, one of them is traveling and visiting/living in new places. the top of the list for the places is ICELAND, and that is what this blanket is dedicated to Iceland. I always knew since I was a small girl that I wanted to live ‘up North’ well before  Hygge or  “Scandi style”  became so popular. I made it just 2000 miles up north!  from  ...

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