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Last chapter on the January ‘s blues blanket.

I can not believe we are already in February! Normally January drags a bit on for me but this year has definitely not been the case. I guess I have been very busy with work and with “non-crochet “related stuff but I still managed to add a border and finish the blanket. Today I can give you the last pieces of information so, if you like, you can finish your blanket in the same way. About the border, I am going to digress a little bit and give you some thoughts. I personally love  ...

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A little bit more about the January’s blues blanket

Firstly sorry this blog entry is a bit late, finally, after a very frustrating weekend, I got my blog back! I am quite impressed with myself for sticking to my new year’s resolutions ( or trying to) …I am back writing again!…( mind you it is early days…) nevertheless it feels good! One of my children bought me a planner this year, I don’t know if it is meant to be a gentle hint to get better organised as I failed completely last year trying to ‘get  ...

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2019… a new year! I don’t know about you but I found January a bit of a difficult month…especially after the whirlpool of activities, family, parties, food, visitors, birthdays and so on. January means  the fizzling out of the holidays and that life is about to crank back into action and so I welcome the new year  with a mix of relief and sadness, relief because I quite like to go back to my normal routine with the added bonus of a fresh new start, and sadness because  I   ...

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Is it TOO EARLY ????

Hello everyone! You might be wondering what the title of my blog is all about… it is about, surprise, surprise…COLOURS. So let’s take a step back and give you a bit of a background… Many of you are probably aware that, as every year, October  is the time for the STYLECRAFT BLOG TOUR!   Back in July, at our summer meeting, we got given two packs of BELLISSIMA yarn to choose from. I loved them both but I decided to opt for the Autumn Leaves ..because somehow the  ...

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